Mann In The Middle

In his first novel, ‘One Way In, No Way Out’, author Malcolm Boyd introduced readers to the fast-paced, fast-track lifestyle of Mann Walker – a good-intentioned ‘Bad Guy’ who hasn’t quite separated himself from his precarious habits and somewhat dangerous ‘colleagues’. In Boyd’s new Mann Walker creation, “Mann In The Middle’, the author takers readers on a surprisingly engaging continuation of Mann – and his collection of band of misfits. From a 13-year old boy hiding from the Mob in the crawl space of a Vegas casino’s Ladies Room, to discovering the real geographical location of Flat Pockets, Mississippi – everything fits inside Mann Walker’s realm! Which is exactly HOW Walker truly winds up as ‘Mann In The Middle.

Bold, brazen and irresistible.  With Mann Walker, Boyd has created a street-smart hero that challenges the overworked definition of ‘The Bad Guy.’  Tough and authentic…‘Mann In The Middle’ speeds along, and keeps the readers turning pages.
Robin Bullard, Author of 'I Came By Cab'


  • Saved in: <a href="" rel="tag">Adventure</a>
  • Available: 25th April 2018
  • Published by: Three-Legged Elephant Publishing
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